How to: Build a skateboard half-pipe in 11 hours

Did you know that in 11 hours you could have a really cool half-pipe in your backyard? According to this website it’s possible, and resulting half-pipe looks a lot more fun than the ramps I would make as a kid. Make sure you check out the link to the build photos before you try making one yourself.

How to build a skateboard halfpipe in 11 hours. Myself and retiree skateboard enthusiast Rob Maggi went over to a friends house to put up a halfpipe for him. I haven’t built a halfpipe from scratch in many years so Rob was on point on this one. The ramp was to be 5 feet tall by 12 feet wide with a 7 foot transition which is pretty mellow but you can still blast airs out of it.

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12 thoughts on “How to: Build a skateboard half-pipe in 11 hours

  1. As an ex-skateboarder, I like the looks of this ramp. As a homeowner formally forced to live in this suburban nightmare, I see lots of issues down the road with noise and neighbors. Halfpipes are loud. Skateboarders are loud. This one is butted right against the property line. Aside from being in the way, that wall will reflect a ton of heat and noise, making the users and the listeners unhappy. Which part of Phoenix is this in?
    Good Luck.

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