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Project tracks its progress and location as it interacts

The “FOLKESTRONOMY” project consists of a mobile mapping device that connects to the Internet to update a map in realtime as participants interact with the project. The build consists of an Arduino connected to a GPS device that reads the coordinates and relays them to available wireless networks. This project is more complicated than this review merits, so I would suggest you to follow the link to read the excellent documentation of this project.


2 thoughts on “Project tracks its progress and location as it interacts

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for mentioning our project, Folkestonomy, on the make blog – you made my day ;-)

    Just to clear up for any readers, we aren’t actually updating in real time – there aren’t enough wireless network coverage for that, though we did contemplate using a mobile phone connection, 2G, let alone 3G coverage, is patchy where the commission is placed.

    Instead we are using the Arduino + 1-wire networks to interface between a laptop running a local suite of gathering software to allow people to create stories using a visual language, which are updated to our website nightly when we get out laptop back to a network connection.

    Over time we are generating more and more visual mappings of people’s stories and interactions with ‘creative spaces’ in Folkestone to create a visual representation of how Folkestone, and it’s newly founded Art Triennial, are connected to each other and out into the world.


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