Dorkbot Austin: This Thursday!

Dorkbot Austin #16 is this Thursday, and it’s full of steampunk wearable robotic wonders:

  • Jason Delaney’s steampunk (literally) homebrew still that can be used to make alcohol, herbal oils, purify water, etc.
  • Chase Hammock’s touchscreen driven wearable multimedia computer
  • Adam Iseman’s Ard-e, a sub-$100 robotics platform

(Image courtesy Adrian Ward)

We’re at Cafe Mundi, 8pm to 10; here’s a map.

If you’ve got your own project to show off, be sure to bring it along and participate in the Opendork (ad-hoc 5-minute speeches at the end of the night)!

Luke Iseman

Luke Iseman makes stuff, some of which works. He invites you to drive a bike for a living (dirtnailpedicab.com), stop killing your garden (growerbot.com), and live in an off-grid shipping container (boxouse.com).

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