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Kaleidoscope your photos
jamie original.jpg
jamie kaleidoscoped.jpg

Here’s a fun online toy I found through Deep Fun– you paste in the url from an online image you like, and the software converts it into a kaleidoscope image – you can change the kaleidoscope image by clicking and dragging with your mouse. (that’s my cat, Jamie)

6 thoughts on “Kaleidoscope your photos

  1. He’s a Maine Coon – 24 pounds! Great big ol’ paws. That’s a medium dog bed. :) Yours is a tabby, too?

  2. My two are Siberians, essentially the same breed. They’re around 13 pounds so far, but they’re only a year old and are on track to get up to similar size. They have tabby markings nearly identical to yours except they have thicker fur around their neck and shoulders.

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