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I had a pet ferret back in high school, and remember how fond she was of burrowing into old teeshirts and towels in her cage. Taboo Creations has come up with a hilarious yet snuggly way to keep your own ferret happy: the Ferret-Eating Monster Bed. Read more and download the free PDF tutorial here.

4 thoughts on “HOW TO – Ferret-Eating Monster Bed

  1. Dat luks hecka comfy!
    keep up de gud werk Cwaftzine!
    Dis is exactuly de type of post I wike to see when I sit down to wead de morning blog posts in my palatial manchon.
    Chock ful of fewety gudness.
    Ferretbunny was here, by de (fewety) way.
    I’m out babey!

  2. Um, you probably should remove this post because I looked and the tutorial is no longer available. You got me excited for nothing!!!

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