Beth Gormley writes in:

Calling all techno-artists, playful scientists, renegade engineers, architects, sculptors, lighting designers, fashion designers, guerrilla projectionists and inventors!

LIGHTWAVE returns to the Science Gallery at Trinity College Dublin following the unprecedented success and international acclaim received in its phenomenal inaugural show. Bigger, better and raising the bar, LIGHTWAVE 2009 promises to mesmerize audiences not only within the Science Gallery, but to captivate on-lookers city wide as interactive experiences, roving installations and participatory workshops flood the creative, cultural quarters of Dublin.

Interested applicants are encouraged to send new, in-progress or interdisciplinary project proposals (installations, events, workshops) highlighting interactivity, connectivity, participation and public engagement both confined by, and freed from the gallery walls. We are looking for proposals of the highest standard that incorporate art, science and new technology in exciting and engaging projects focusing on light. Examples of project themes already proposed are the development of sustainable light sources in Africa, light pollution, effects of light on the body and the creative control of light through technology. Fresh and innovative projects that investigate a variety of themes are very welcome.

The launch of LIGHTWAVE 2009 will open with a 9-day festival running from January 24th to the February 1st 2009, with exhibitions continuing to February 21st.

This looks like a lot of fun!