Thanks to everybody who came out to Cafe Mundi Thursday for Dorkbot. Not a huge crowd, but we did have some great projects. In no particular order:


Jason Delaney’s literally steampunk still, meant for distilling water, herbal essences, or (theoretically) alcohol.


John P. Funk and his cosmically funky LED light sculpture.


L. Scott Hudson’s .NET-programmed, talking robot head. Check out video of it in action here.


Chase Hammock’s bookbag-based, wearable multimedia entertainment system, complete with cold cathode tubes. Chase was nice enough to not mind me posting this “deer in headlights” picture of him:)


Adam Iseman and ard-e, his sub-$100 Arduino-based robot.

If you’re in Austin and have something strange with electricity you’ve made, let us know and come show it off next month!