Dorkbot Austin: Awesomely Strange Projects!

Thanks to everybody who came out to Cafe Mundi Thursday for Dorkbot. Not a huge crowd, but we did have some great projects. In no particular order:


Jason Delaney’s literally steampunk still, meant for distilling water, herbal essences, or (theoretically) alcohol.


John P. Funk and his cosmically funky LED light sculpture.


L. Scott Hudson’s .NET-programmed, talking robot head. Check out video of it in action here.


Chase Hammock’s bookbag-based, wearable multimedia entertainment system, complete with cold cathode tubes. Chase was nice enough to not mind me posting this “deer in headlights” picture of him:)


Adam Iseman and ard-e, his sub-$100 Arduino-based robot.

If you’re in Austin and have something strange with electricity you’ve made, let us know and come show it off next month!

Luke Iseman

Luke Iseman makes stuff, some of which works. He invites you to drive a bike for a living (dirtnailpedicab.com), stop killing your garden (growerbot.com), and live in an off-grid shipping container (boxouse.com).

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