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Fantastic Contraption


This Flash game called Fantastic Contraption lets you build animated machines to get around bypass obstacles and get to a goal. It’s the perfect mix of mechanics, puzzles, and video games. I had fun refining my machines to make them better. Via Buzzfeed.

10 thoughts on “Fantastic Contraption

  1. Am I the only one who saw this and thought that it’s a play on the name of the old DOS game “Incredible Machine”???

    Seems to be similar gameplay, but I’m going to check it out!

  2. I’ve wasted a ton of hours with this cool game. Hey any make programmers out there? I’d love to have a “game” based on this idea where you can use gears, levers, motors, etc, to just build things freestyle.
    I too am still stuck on the last level.

  3. If you like this game, then try out Phun. It’s an app that runs on your desktop and allows all of the things in this game and more but it’s “freestyle”. There is no game, unless you make one. It’s flexible, easy and above all very cool:

  4. @cyenobite2 – look for the old Sierra game The Incredible Machine that was invented. It was actually a series of games for DOS and Windows 3.1, but it had a freestyle mode.

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