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Huh, interesting page about “PLEK” a German designed robot guitar tuning system via Metafilter

PLEK is a unique computer controlled precision robot developed by the German company A+D Guitarrentechnologie GmbH in Berlin. The machine measures the neck, fretboard, and frets and finds differences within a thousand of a millimetre. These differences is then sanded off with tolerances within a hundred of a millimetre, all in one machine. A machine? Can a machine really adjust something as personal as a guitar or bass? Yes, it really can! Even though great instruments are built nowadays, there are deficiencies in both factory made and hand made instruments. Small (and sometimes big, for that matter) deficiencies in precision, that makes the guitars or basses less sonic, and not as playable as they could be. These deficiencies can now be eliminated with this new technical invention. The result is a better sounding instrument, which also is a lot easier to play (video here).