Build a powerful pocket amplifier for your headphones and put it in a “curiously strong” minty case.
Thanks go to Warren Young for the original article in Make Volume 4.
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Check out the complete Mint Tin Amp article including schematics MAKE 04 “Mint Tin Amp”
and you can see that in our digital edition.

More details on Making the Mint Tin Amp can be found here
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12 thoughts on “Weekend Project: Mint Tin Amp

    1. @Timmy – If you follow the link at the bottom of this entry “More details on Making the Mint Tin Amp can be found here” you will find a schematic, parts list…everything you need to complete this project. Good luck!

  1. People sure seem to like building stuff in Altoids boxes. I used to use things like that when I was a kid because I didn’t know any better, but later, after I discovered how much easier it is to build stuff into aluminum boxes, I never went back to steel.

    You can find small aluminum boxes all over the place- there are a lot of surplus electronic available that are housed in small Al boxes that can be repurposed. When you find them, buy several for future projects.

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