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Here’s some amazing video of the new “Draganflyer X6 UAV RC” helicopter that can be rigged up to shoot professional quality aerial video and take digital photographs.


12 thoughts on “RC helicopter shoots steadycam like photos from the air

  1. Let’s see, what should we pack our promo video with? Lots of swoopy onboard video?

    Nah. Lets have tons of shots of the gizmo itself and a few short clips of fairly static video.

  2. Very nice rig! I would like to see a cage around the props though, to avoid injury. Makes the craft less vulnerable to foreign object damage too.

    Can’t find the maximum airtime, but I can see a lot of useful jobs for this one!

  3. I’ll bet this costs an arm and a leg. The site sells it as “cheaper than having to rent a plane for every shoot”.

  4. Hmmm…small battery pod and six motors going all the time. I wonder what the flight duration is?

    Why do you always have grinding guitar soundtracks with R/C helicopter promos? They never sound like that in real life!

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