Get Ready to Rumble!

MakePhilly’s own 3rd annual Art Buggy Derby ( is being held on October 19, 2008 and this year it is an official event of Design Philadelphia! So grab your foot powered buggy… race it, create art with it, and win $500 CASH!

What is the Art Buggy Derby?

It is the world’s only live event that mashes together interactive art making, MacGyver style craft, and creative materials reuse. The idea is pure insanity and fun:  Build a foot powered ‘buggy’ that creates art as you race it against another team’s buggy.  Wow the crowd with your artistic creation and win $500 cash or one of many other cash & prizes!  See video of last year’s derby here:

Register Now!
ANYONE can build an Art Buggy! You don’t need to be an artist or engineer… just take everyday items (especially those destined for a landfill) and assign them a new role in life. Use an old skateboard or tricycle for the Buggy base or recycle wallpaper for a canvas. Register here!

What are the Prizes?
1st Place: $500 CASH!
Runner Up: $250 CASH!
Plus: Cash & Prizes in at least these 8 other categories!

What Qualifies as a Buggy?
Anything powered by your feet – scooters, wheeled things, or make your own….

What Qualifies as Art?
Mark making that captures the journey of the race (without your assistance!)

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