(A rendering of “Our Green Treehouse”)

If you find yourself with a desire to see examples of how we might live more in harmony with nature, with a stress on the “in” part, there’s a collection of treehouses being unveiled in San Antone through tomorrow:

The Balcones Chapter of the USGBC invites you to come see “Our Green Treehouse” at the public grand opening of Terrific Treehouses at the San Antonio Botanical Garden from August 30, 2008 to September 1, 2008. The display continues through December 7, 2008.

The USGBC-CTB treehouse, “Our Green Treehouse,” is made possible through collaboration with Texas Public Radio (TPR) and the Metropolitan Partnership for Energy (MPE). Designed by Lina Luque at MPE and built by USGBC-CTB volunteers led by John Rivenburgh, Our Green Treehouse is an open-air backyard retreat made entirely of sustainable materials featuring rain water capture and solar panels to harness renewable clean energy to power the LED fixtures that illuminate the space at nighttime.

Our Green Treehouse will be aptly located near Water Saver Lane on the grounds of the Botanical Garden. A special thanks to Allen and Allen Lumber and Hardware and Novastar Energy for their contributions of lumber and solar panels, respectively.

Also sponsored by the Aveda Institute of San Antonio, Our Green Treehouse will be auctioned off on-line at in early December with proceeds benefitting Texas Public Radio.

Brought to you by the San Antonio Botanical Society, Terrific Treehouses will feature up to nine locally designed treehouses intended to delight and stir the imagination. More information about Terrific Treehouses can be found here.

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