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Robotic brick laying system ensures light and airflow to plants

This custom designed robotic system was intended for a vineyard in order to build a wall of 20,000 bricks that had to be precisely arranged in a programmed manner in order to control the amount of air and sunlight that passes through to the plants. Each brick sits on a different angle than the next to create the right spacing in the wall.

Non-Standardized Brick Facade, via AITDW

4 thoughts on “Robotic brick laying system ensures light and airflow to plants

  1. Really, the design isn’t to help the plants – it’s there to prevent direct sunlight coming into the building, thus preserving the fermentation process.

    Basically, it’s a buffer so that the fermentation tanks aren’t hit by direct sunlight, making them easier to cool and control their temperature. If they were in direct sunlight, they would probably overheat, which would stop the fermentation process.

    It’s nice when form follows function, but all they did was to use the robot to create a wall that looked like a basket of grapes with a side effect of being partially light-blocking.

    I don’t think they went into depth on how much light was being metered, what the CFM of the wall is, or if the pattern was there for any other reason except it looked like grapes.

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