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Giant spider dormant in Liverpool …

bottom photo by Matthew Andrews / top

The 50-foot mechanical creature was spotted hanging on the side of an office building earlier today in Liverpool, England. It will soon take to the streets as part of La Machine’s public theatre event which unfolds over the next five days.

Huge Spider is latest arts event

La Machine

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14 thoughts on “Giant spider dormant in Liverpool …

  1. @ Joe Dawson.
    you are wrong. This is in Liverpool, Merseyside, England … it’s right near to Lime Street station.

    I have no idea why JD thinks it’s in London.
    It’s pretty impressive even dormant, and I’m looking forward to seeing it heading down to the arena to see what the ‘experiments’ are going to be.

    It is part of the Liverpool – “Capital of Culture” thing. Probably the best bit so far, next to the Klimt exhibition.

  2. This mechanical spider was shown on the BBC TV news just now. There was a word from the artist, who said (in French) that the spider was hibernating at the moment.

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