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Our first MAKE host for weekend projects Bre Pettis, has a new show coming out this month on the History Channel called “History Hacker” – congrats Bre, looking forward to watching!

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  1. I work on the Tevatron, still currently the highest energy collider on Earth. The LHC “switch on” is hardly what it sounds like. A machine like that (and like the Tevatron) takes MONTHS to get running, particularly when it’s first commissioned. The beam energy of the LHC will remain at roughly HALF of that which I see colliding in the Tev as I type this right now, for probably many weeks. It’s a long and arduous process to get a large accelerator going. And of course the earlier comment about the fact that cosmic ray events far outstrip the energy of our accelerator experiments is perfectly true. It just works better if the collisions happen inside a detector where we can see them than at random places in the atmosphere.

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