Interactive electronics learning online!


The Wisconsin Online Resource Center has a great collection of interactive animations for learning the ins-and-outs of electronics theory and application. If you’re a visual learner, like myself, you’re likely to find these ‘learning objects’ very helpful. In addition to basic principals of AC/DC, digital/analog, logic gates, op-amps, motors, they cover pneumatics, hydraulics, sensors, and bunches more.

If you’ve found circuits confusing/intimidating in the past, try poking around a bit in the DC section, start with the basics or just click on something that sounds cool ;) Woohoo – learning is fun!

Electronics @ Wisc-Online


Intro to breadboard electronics


DIY Design Electronics Kit

10 thoughts on “Interactive electronics learning online!

  1. This is great! There’s something about DC circuits that just hasn’t clicked for me yet. These look like they could help a lot. They look like they’re organized (mostly) alphabetically, though. Do you know of any preferred order to work through them?

  2. hmmm, well in the basics section you’d probably do alright going through alphabetically – except do the last 2 (“Voltage and Resistors”, “What Is Current?”) before the resistor code bits.

    After that I’d hit up the Ohm’s law, then Meters section. The Solid State section is super-helpful for learning about using common components too.

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