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Jeff familiarized himself with assembly coding language by creating these neat animations –

It seems like everyone is using the AVR microcontrollers these days, but you can still do cool things with PIC’s, especially if you’re willing to learn assembly language. Check out this project I made using a PIC to generate an analog RGB video signal for a small LCD display. This is my first PIC project, and the entire program was coded in assembly over the course of about two weeks. I’ll be posting the source code soon.

Well done – displaying that on a jacket lapel would make for one awesome statement of invader-chic. (Is it just me, or does the green one always look like he’s crying for help?)

PIC Microcontroller RGB Video – Animations!

Space Invaders Animation – PIC Microcontroller RGB Video on Flickr

6 thoughts on “PIC invaders – animated!

  1. I was going to say you’re getting your robots in a twist! Robby was in the film Forbidden Planet (and others) and the main robot in Lost in Space didn’t have a name (but was a B9 model). Robby was in a couple of episodes of Lost in Space though. A sort of guest robot I guess!

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