Make Pt0991
Seizure by Roger Hiorns 90,000 litres of copper sulphate make millions of blue crystals via NOTCOT.

A derelict and soon to be demolished block of flats close to Elephant & Castle is the site for Art Angel’s and Jerwood’s latest commission Seizure by Roger Hiorns – a seductive cave of cobalt blue crystals.

The realisation of the art work is a chemistry experiment on a grand scale. One of the bedsits in the block was made into a watertight tank and then filled with 90,000 litres of copper sulphate solution. As the solution was drained from the premises, over the space of a few weeks, it revealed a mesmerising space of sparkling blue crystal shards. Seizure opened to the public this week.

Open until 2 November
151-189 Harper Road, SE1

PDF with education details here.