Spy Box shows you the way, literally

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This “Spy Box” by artist Tim Knowles is a home built parcel shipping box with a small hole on the top and a digital camera and custom circuitry placed inside. While in transit, the box is programmed to take a picture every 10 seconds, recording a total of 6994 images in a single trip between two local addresses by a city courier. The resulting compilation of shots from this project (which looks like an abstract art piece from the 70s) is at the link below.

Postal Works – Spy Box

4 thoughts on “Spy Box shows you the way, literally

  1. ionymous says:

    I like the idea and it would be cool to see the results.
    The slideshow on the spy box web page goes to fast to figure out what I’m seeing.
    I guess maybe it is just the highlights of the journey?
    Making it into a video with voice over explanation would be even cooler.
    Incorporating a gps receiver to track location to go with each image would also be cool.

  2. CCTV says:

    Cool idea, but isn’t it illegal? Especially if transit staff are recorded without their permission!

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