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Another bit of maker zen in this glassblowing demonstration.
The process’ flow seems quite similar to drawing and painting. [via Neatorama]

8 thoughts on “Making a glass cat

  1. So cool! He’s made that piece about a million times. If he leaves it sitting like that for very long, the legs and tail will shatter off – and he looks like he knows exactly how long he can leave it. :)

  2. you know, i’ve been a long time reader of makezine and i love everything that comes through, but these “maker zen” videos are THE BEST THING YOU HAVE EVER DONE! every time i watch one i get a feeling of joy, admiration, and ambition. if you could keep putting out these types of videos, it would be great.

  3. @neon – I feel the same way. Videos like these have a strange way of making me feel profoundly calm and peaceful.

    We’ll keep ’em coming.

  4. i’m sharing this state with you both… as the audience was going “awww” my jaw was dropping open. felt the chills coming on too… that was an amazing demonstration. i can’t believe the level of expertise this guy expressed in his every movement.

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