17 years of rotating self portraits

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You’ve most likely seen a few “daily self portrait collections, but how many of them spanned 17 years? Dan Hanna describes his project –

17 years worth of taking 2 photos a day as my head rotates in sync with the Earth around the Sun. This is a non-dejittered, lo-res, highly compressed, preliminary version of a lifetime project. Later versions will have additional imagery throughout. More details are available on my website at:

Watching the hair cycle through repetitive buzz-cuts is by itself quite interesting, not to mention the subtle, gradual changes to his face and jaw. – Dan Hanna [via Kottke]

6 thoughts on “17 years of rotating self portraits

  1. volkemon says:

    Wow. Had to watch it twice to catch the differences, but 17 (!) years in a video…neat.

    Made me reflect on the changes in the past years…

    Good use for a ‘junk’ digi camera. might present it in 2018.

  2. Collin Cunningham says:

    seriously, it is a bit profound even.

    be sure to drop us a line in ’18!
    (hopefully will use psychic-communication by then)

  3. Embassy Pro Books says:

    That is amazing! the determination to do this everyday or even weekly for 17 years. Hopefully it will pay off now with something.

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