Getting Shot With The Gore Cannon

If you needed a new reason to attend Maker Faire Austin, here’s a good one: instant transformation into a zombie:


Image by David Weaver

Meredith Johns and Carolyn O’Hara from Hawgfly will be there with their gore cannon, which allows them to coat targets, volunteers, and pretty much anything else with convincing-looking blood. If you ask them nicely, they may use you as a target.

Oh, and here’s a poorly-edited video of me getting shot with fake gore:

I walked into Cafe Mundi (our very-tolerant Dorkbot host) to rinse my gore off, and someone thought I was actually bleeding from the head. So, if you see somebody bloody but smiling at Maker Faire Austin, ask them if they’re ok before calling the ambulance:)

Luke Iseman

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