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Z59 – Incredible homebuilt car!

From the MAKE Flickr photo pool

Proximacentuari presents the gorgeous result of what must have been an amazing labor of love –

This is the final result of 15 months and at least 800 hours of work in the garage. This is not counting time spent designing, ordering parts, negotiating prices, etc.

The car was built from scratch. The engine is an Acura k20a3 from an RSX. It sounds awesome.

Special thanks for the Make community for inspiring the maker spirit in me. Building stuff yourself is a much better way to be a citizen than senseless consumption.

The car has a good amount of junk (recycled stuff) in it. The stainless panels all came from old appliances. The black body panels came from an ancient kayak and an old doghouse. The throttle pedal was made entirely from salvaged parts from a dumpster at an engineering firm around town. Of course, the engine was also recycled from a crashed car.

It’s a blast to drive.

0-60: 4.5 seconds
MPG: 35+ miles per gallon
The best part: the bizarre looks I get from random strangers.

This beauty looks downright fast – Bravo! – The most epic reMake of all time – the z59

Update: As pointed out in the comments, this is a remake of the Ariel Atom! [Thanks, Phil!]

40 thoughts on “Z59 – Incredible homebuilt car!

  1. That car needs some WAAAY wider rear tires. I have a hard time believing this car can only do 0-60 in 4.5 seconds. The atom can do it in under 3 seconds, so I’m hoping with a few improvements this car will do it in under 4. Other than that… a great remake of an awesome car. Absolutely cool.

  2. not impressed, the European atom with a supercharged version of that engine putting out 300hp does it in 2.8

    Not to mention the driver side front tire is on backwards

  3. Pretty crappy when you show off 800 hours of pride and hard work and people find anything to critique. Pretty amazing if you ask me. That’s total dedication!

    How much did it cost to build?

  4. I spent $11000 on the car. Call it wimpy, but you get 3/4 the performance for 1/7 the cost.

    By the way, the front tire direction is important only for removing water from the contact patch of the tire. Since it’s a dry-only/fair-weather vehicle, I don’t need to worry about that.

    If you have questions about the z59 email me at

  5. You bozos criticizing this car’s performance and calling it a “rip off” of the Atom, need to check your childish selves and give credit where it’s due. His concept may have been inspired by the Atom, but the build is a one off designed and built from the ground up by a high school kid. No not copied from someone elses plans, but engineered and built by a kid on his spare time. I’d like to see what you clowns were doing at that age, probably eating boogers and watching beavis and butthead.

    Show some respect for this kid’s skills.

  6. Until you install bumpers, fenders, D.O.T. approved windshield, and a dozen other requirements for a street legal liscensed vehicle (after passing a state vehicle inspection)… where DO you drive it?

  7. Absolutely awesome!!! I love the repurposed panels and parts. Wish I’d half the gumption and skills when I was in high school. You’re definitely going places, Nathan. I just can’t figure out why you’re not taking the car to school…talk about a chick magnet!!!


    ps. Don’t let the jealous whiners get under your skin. Betcha a dollar their grandest achievement is putting an 8″ tail pipe on their formerly-pleasant economy car.

  8. It’s not his fault, he took it to Pep Boys for the tire rotation… :/

    ps. lol my captcha text is “fewk”

  9. here, in argentina, all people i know put the tire in that direction and get better drag times, since it is not used in rain. it is a good choice.

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