An exciting new book was published today, called the Hungry Scientist Handbook (Amazon). Authors Patrick Buckley and Lily Binns write:

It’s for gadget-loving gastronomes. For people who really love to play with their food, who make their kitchen into a lab and a workshop. Your brother, your mother, your kid neighbor. Hell, it’s for anyone.

Cryogenic martinis, modular pecan pie, glowing lollipops, pomegranate wine, edible lingerie, and much, much more. Twenty completely ridiculous, totally fabulous, oddly educational, and sometimes even useful projects that may blow up your kitchen and will definitely blow your mind.

Check out the Hungry Scientist website, too!


MAKE friends Windell and Lenore from Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories contributed several projects for the book, including these smart coasters which light up red or blue according to the temperature of your beverage.

Smart Coasters are cast-plastic coasters for your drink that light up red when you put a hot drink on top and light up blue with a cold drink. The design is fully analog– no microcontrollers and no programming– and they incorporate a solar cell so that the whole thing is hermetically sealed: waterproof and washable. Complete step-by-step DIY instructions are included for both the electronics and the resin casting.