An awesomely handcrafted instrument with a heartwarming origin, Marcelo Johann describes his “Father’s Synth” –

When I was a child I loved music and wanted to play the piano. However, my family had no money to buy such an expensive instrument. As my father was an electronic hobbist, he started to build this electronic organ from scratch. It started with a simple one-transistor oscilator that produces a sawtooth like waveform, and just replicated such oscilator as many times as the keys he wanted. So this beauty has full polyphony, and each note has to be independently tuned by turning small trimpots. My grandfather also worked on the instrument shaping the keys and building the case, which are made of wood.

Considering the small package-size of modern day components, building a 1 oscillator-circuit-per-key synthesizer seems an approachable and very interesting idea indeed. – This is my Father´s Synth!