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iPhone accidentally dropped in river, turned into fishing lures.

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Captain-ahab writes-

Last week I dropped my new iphone 3G in the Farmington River. It’s become a very expensive paperweight so tonight I figured I’d get some use out of it. Seeing it was the river that took it from me, it’s gonna at least catch me some fish.

Thanks Jonathan!

I can imagine some future where things didn’t exactly work out and we’re all using dead iPhones to catch fish.

38 thoughts on “iPhone accidentally dropped in river, turned into fishing lures.

  1. Most electronics that gets dunked in water can be rescued with a little effort- they use water to wash PC boards in the manufacturing process, so most parts are OK if they get wet. The thing to do if something gets dunked into questionable water like a river, lake, rain, or toilet is to remove the battery and flush the device out with distilled water. You need to wash out the ionic stuff that goes along with dirty water. After flushing it out, dry it slowly and thoroughly. Reconnect power and your formerly wet device might just come back to life.

  2. Hi, that was actually my iPhone and my brother who submitted it for me. Let me say for the record I’m NOT going fishing with that because of the toxins and polution it may cause. :)


  3. Probably the only gold plated fishing lure parts on this continent!Also a lot of other heavy and toxic metals like some others have noted.

  4. Awww, all of the self-righteous people came out from under their rocks. I guarantee you all pollute in one way or another — Since you’re all obviously not running your computers with hamster wheels, chill out and enjoy the creative use of a broken iPhone.

  5. The google phone will be so much better that I bet if you dropped it near any body of water it would levitate to make sure it didn’t kill itself!


  6. What’s up with everyone. The owner of this bait (former iphone) has already clarified that he’s NOT going fishing with this. Why is everyone still going on about toxic waste and what not. -_-“

  7. That phone is new enough that it is probably compliant with ROHS specs- otherwise they couldn’t sell them in Europe. That means there really aren’t (or maybe I should say there shouldn’t be) a lot of toxic metals in there.

  8. Next time you’re fishing remember to put the cell phone or any other electronic equipment you’re carrying in a ziploc bag.

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  10. Add another beginner to that… not experienced but certainly keen to give it a go this Winter.
    I reckon you’ve already nailed it with the drop shotted lobworm idea, something I’ve got on the list to try instead of the artificials and also on a big river. Good luck with it fells, be interesting to hear how everyone gets on.

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