Cardboard boxes are more fun

Holyjuan writes…

Greg’s Star Wars Trade Federation MTT “Troop Carrier” arrived. We took it out of the box. Here he is playing with it.

When I was a kid I asked for cardboard boxes for my birthday, good times.

22 thoughts on “Cardboard boxes are more fun

  1. That says a lot. That and having a kid a open one gift, play with it, and forget all about the others under the tree (or cake).. they’re some form of contentment in there somewhere.

    The MTT is a beast.. my son put it together in a single sitting.. 10 hrs (he was seven at the time).. video here if you’re interested..

  2. Very smart kid.

    Slightly off-topic, but anyone remember when lego used to be about creativity and making things you imagine instead of assembling a kit of more custom bricks than “real” lego bricks?

  3. Yep, I totally love REAL, old Lego. As I grew up, Lego started making more and more unique pieces that were specific to a particular model. I never bought into that. I did however get into early Lego Technics – because that was a mechanical means to an end. :D

  4. You sick, sick person! I am absolutely disgusted at your behaviour! If a child asked for some sweets to eat, would you, knowing his ignorance, give him a rock? Oh how I’d like to polish off people like you in the world. Maybe then I can enjoy chewing my rock in peace.

  5. Shoop work. Easily told by the amateur drawings on the box, seriously who are you trying to fool? That picture is so fake it’d make Michael Jackson’s nose go green with jealousy.

  6. Omg, feed that poor child!!! He’s way too skinny. I hope that isn’t the poster’s child. Call Child Services.

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