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I’m really enjoying Nick Veasey’s X-Ray photography portfolio at the moment…

10 thoughts on “X-ray art

  1. My company designs x-ray based CT equipment for both the dental side and industrial sides of the market. From what I know based on experience, every one of the pictures I saw at that site is a fake. The only one that has a chance of being real are the sneakers.

    xray systems generally use something that approximates a point source of light (in the x-ray part of the spectrum), then your “thing of interest” and then the detector or film. Move the object closer to the xray source and it gets bigger on the detector, farther away and it gets smaller. It’s just like a shadow of an object moving between a light source and a wall. None of the images show any of the optical effects associated with point source or cone beam xray sources so I’m going to have to call BS on this one. VERY interesting photoshop job though!

  2. @bob – yah, that’s why i titled it “x-ray art” since it’s pretty clear there are parts of the works that are not just x-ray photos.

  3. I wouldn’t call complete fake on these, I think they are certainly composites of x-rays and other images though. The sneaker, the suitcase full of electronic gear and the front loader (which appears to be a toy model) seem genuine to me. As it’s an art portfolio I think we have to be a little less like Maker’s and a bit more like Crafter’s on this one.

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