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Dumpster hot tub

I love this, Michel de Broin’s dumpster hot tub.

The dumpster is used to frame its contents – 1649 litres of filtered, chlorinated water. Its interior is lined with waterproof blue material while a pump and filter system ensures the purity of its contents. Powerful jets stimulate the sensorial experience.

26 thoughts on “Dumpster hot tub

  1. It’s a pretty good idea, but if he’s going to all that trouble why not clean up the exterior appearance of even use a new dumpster? For the amount of work done to the outside a paint job would have been simple and done wonders.

    There’s something very strange about this person

  2. If he’s an artist wouldn’t he be creating it for looks? I guess arguably not good looks, but looks at least. So he intends for it too look like a beat-up old dumpster as art?

  3. @The Oracle, you would need to ask the artist. if it was my project it would also look exactly like a busted old dumpster, that’s part of the art, at least it is to me.

  4. i think leaving the dumpster as-is is part of the point – contrasting the ugly exterior with the relaxing, peaceful interior. it may also have something to do with getting people to overcome their biases, along the lines of the exhibit at the exploratorium where they try to get people to drink out of a brand new toilet that has clean potable water circulating in it.

  5. Haha that is great.  My hot tub guys at were telling me to look this up.  I didnt think it was possible but it looks like it works quite well.

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