Kaisatsuko by Yuichi Onoue

Think of the Kaisatsuko as a fiddle without a bow. Yuichi Onoue turns a wheel that vibrates the strings, which in turn creates the sound. So who can be the first to name the song he is playing? No cheating! Since the basic sound signal of the instrument can be... Read more »

HOW TO – Cardboard Display House

MyPaperCrane shares a link to this amazing cardboard house by Rosemary Travale, who built it as a way to display her products at conventions and the like. She used this template from B Zedan as inspiration. Read more »

Dazzlin ‘duino demo graphics

That right there is a dang impressive video demonstration using an Arduino + TouchShield accessory. Shame cathedrow didn’t post any code as of yet. [via Liquidware Antipasto] Arduino Diecimila Last day for the Back-to-school-10%-off-everything-what-are-we-totally-loco? super sale in the Maker Shed! Read more »

Neal Stephenson Answers Our Questions

Thanks to Neal Stephenson for taking the time to ride in my pedicab for an interview last week. Lesson learned: it’s difficult to bike and interview at the same time. Fortunately, Neal sat down w/ me for a less-strenuous interview after the ride. Here’s his message to aspiring makers: Here’s... Read more »

HumanCar – street legal human powered car

HumanCar – street legal human powered car @ Wired, NextFest, Treehugger and their site. The FM-4 v1.0 HumanCar (Fully Manual 4 Passenger) ‘geometry prototype’ has been so successful that no changes have been required. Several downhill time trial runs have had the car above 60mph + with incredible handling and... Read more »