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The “Optron” is a flickering noise making device that consists of a flourescent tube light plugged into an array of effects pedals so that it can play like a radioactive guitar. Watch the video to get the full effect of this beast.

via Pink Tentacle

8 thoughts on “Play guitar with your tube lights

  1. always good to see ‘noise’ instruments used in an actually musical way.

    don’t quite get the walkman connection, but if sony wants sponsor cool projects, all the better

  2. I’m actually seen this in person. To be honest it isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. The artist insists on cranking up the volume to painful levels (even with ear plugs on). In concept it sounds cool, but in practice, there’s only so much loud noise you can take.

    But then that seems to be the case with most audio “art” that I’ve come across… it’s about how much cacophonous noise the artist can throw at the audience while still eliciting an applause.

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