DIY: Solar Powered Jack-o-Lantern

This pumpkin certainly is orange green. This is a great instructable that uses an old solar light to make a safe, environmentally friendly, light-up pumpkin. If you want to be really green, make sure to make a pumpkin pie from the ‘guts’ and compost the jack-o-lantern when you’re done.

More about a DIY: Solar Powered Jack-o-Lantern

Solar Powered Jack-O-Lantern

4 thoughts on “DIY: Solar Powered Jack-o-Lantern

  1. ummm, you don’t make pumpkin pie out of the guts… you make it out of the meat, which is what you leave in a jack-o-lantern… sorry, but you compost the guts and bake the seeds… also, pumpkin pie should be made with pie pumpkins, which are smaller than carving pumpkins, and are much tastier and less stringy.

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