Grilling with the Cobb

Pinball hacker extraordinaire Bill Bumgarner has had great success with the Cobb compact Grill: four cheeseburgers, five potatoes, two heads of garlic. All with just seven pieces of charcoal:

Altogether a delicious meal. And I have to admit a bit of amazement at the Cobb. I was expected a grill that made significant sacrifices in the quality of the cooking experience to yield a portable and versatile grill.

Not so. The thing is dead simple to use. The only temperature control is the number of bits of charcoal you put in at the beginning. Beyond that, it is pretty much just a matter of planning the cook around the cooking times of the various ingredients’ cooking times with a goal of opening the Cobb the minimum number of times.

At $120, It’s not super cheap, but it’s the most compact grill I’ve ever seen. And think of all the money you’ll save on charcoal.

All On One Grill: Cheeseburgers & Grilled Whole Potatoes