Build: Mechamo Crab & Halloween Hack

This week I built a Mechamo Crab by Gakken. I have wanted to make one of these kits for a long time, and I finally got my chance. I made a time lapse-video of the entire build, it took about 3 hours to complete, but now it’s just a bit over 5 minutes. I hope you like it!

Music courtesy of BELL [Thanks!]

The End Result:

What you need for the Mechamo Build:

Mechamo Kit – Available in the Maker SHED
(6) AA Batteries

Tools you need:


Gakken is known for their high-quality kits, and this is no exception. All you need is an hour or two of free time and nothing else. Everything is included in the kit. No, wait! You need 6 ‘AA’ batteries!

The included instructions are in Japanese. That could be a problem, but we have the English version available to download [PDF]. We translated the parts list too [PDF]. Problem solved!

When you are done building the Mechamo Crab, you might want to hack it a bit. I added a doll head, some circuit-bent audio form a toy horse, and 2 LEDs for eyes. Finally, I added a few bolts and washers to hold the head on. It was easy to make and the end results are a lot of fun.

A few detailed pictures of the hack


Doll head filled with good stuff!


Here is a detail of the washers and bolts I added to the top of the Crab. This holds the head on well, and it is easy to remove.


The sound is from a toy horse that was headed for the trash. I found a place to add a wire and the sound changed from a horse to a robot monster. Simple circuit bending!


Hope you liked the video!

20 thoughts on “Build: Mechamo Crab & Halloween Hack

    1. @Henry,

      Yep, we all make stuff that doesn’t include instructions all the time. (circuit bent baby head?)

      Here are a few I made:

      Fume Extractor – http://blog.makezine.com/archive/2008/04/diy_fume_extractor_1.html
      Phenakistoscope – http://blog.makezine.com/archive/2008/08/build_phenakistoscope.html
      R/C Blimp – http://dev-blog.makezine.com/archive/2008/05/make_projects_diy_blimp.html
      Zoetrope – http://blog.makezine.com/archive/2008/08/build_an_electrified_zoet.html

      Also, I have a lot of projects in the works that aren’t kits….plus a lot of kits too!


  1. Okay, you redeem yourself with the awesome blimp and the heron’s fountain. :)

    My rant wasn’t against you as a person btw, just that sometimes the Make staff seems pretty hurried and just throw together some kit to keep the masses happy. While I see the valdity of that, it usually annoys me. You just happened to post an article that sort of touches with that vein and cought my flac. Sorry.

    1. @Henry

      Sorry standard kit builds annoy you, but many readers enjoy them.

      I build kits to show people what is involved in making them, and what the end result does. You would be surprised at how many people think they can’t make a kit. You would also be surprised how many people tried making something, anything, because they saw it on MAKE. Yea!

      The best thing that can happen is a reader telling us “I tried making (insert anything) because I read about it on MAKE” I don’t care what you make, just make something! Oh, and share it with us!!!

      So you liked my fountain and blimp! Cool, you made my day! Thanks!

      Now go make something, (even a kit) and send me an email with a link so I can share it with all our readers. Thanks again!

    2. @Henry

      Oh, and no offense taken. I really like hearing from our readers, both negative and positive comments. Thanks!

  2. Greetings;

    Please advise me as to the musical artist that you included in your “Mechamo Crab & Halloween Hack” build video. Not only was the video cool, but the song blew me away. I await your response, and I thank you.


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