From now until the awesomeness that is Maker Faire Austin, I’ll be highlighting projects that you can find at Travis County Fairgrounds on 10/18-19. Tickets here; see you there!

Craig Newswanger’s HyperLumaMidiMagnaTronic robot drum set seems like a human drummer. Except, it can play with perfect timing and doesn’t need bathroom breaks:

Afterwards, learn how to build your own (milder) drumbot in this Make article.

6 thoughts on “Making Austin Weird: Robotic Drummer

  1. Well either the Organ Grinder, or of Uncle Milt’s Pizza in Vancouver.

    Hmmm… maybe I need to start making my own midi version of their setups…

  2. Is it still in business? I used to go to the Paramount Music Palace in Indianapolis a LONG time ago, but it seems the “Pizza n’ Pipes” kitsch died off. Now i need to go a’googlin’ to see what happened to the organ… Funny, but when i saw this clip, I thought of theatre organs, too. Substitute little pneumatic motors for the rotary solenoids and there you are…

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