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Whoa. A miniature V12 engine for BIG R/C vehicles. The home-made motor is a valve-operated 12 cylinder 4 stroke engine with two low operated camshafts with oil lubrication and air cooling. The builder is hoping to eventually offer the engine as a kit.

V12 RC-Engine [Via Hacked Gadgets]

7 thoughts on “Amazing mini V12 car engine

  1. HOLY CRAP THATS AWESOME! Thats how a model car should sound. I wonder what kind of power a mini V12 would put down? Looks like you could use one of these for a 1/5 or 1/6 scale model.

  2. Here are some of the stats from deeper in the site (In German and English):

    Ventilgesteuerter 12-Zylinder-4-Takt-V-Motor mit zwei unten liegenden Nockenwellen, Gemischschmierung und Luftkühlung.

    Valve-operated 12 cylinder 4 Stroke Engine with two low operated camshaft with petrolmixture lubrication and Aircooling.

    Bohrung 21 mm ( inside diameter)
    Hub 21 mm (stroke)
    Hubraum 87 cm³ (engine displacement )

    The torque and power….. more than 5 Newton meter (Nm).

    Hubraum von 7,25 cm³ pro Zylinder.
    ( cylinder capacity)
    Verdichtungsverhältnis 1:10 (compression)
    Gewicht ca 4800 g (weight)
    Drehzahl von 950 – 5000 1/min (revolutions per minute r.p.m.)
    Propellergröße von 20×10″ bis ca. 24×10″(air-screw dimension)
    Länge,Breite, Höhe 350mm—160mm—140mm(length, with and height)
    Auslass öffnet ca 30 grad KW vor UT (discharge unit)(length, with and height)
    Auslass schließt ca 10 grad KW nach OT(outlet 10 degrees before top dead center = ot)
    Einlass öffnet ca 10 grad KW vor OT (inlet 10 degrees before top dead center = ot)
    Einlass schließt ca 30 grad KW nach UT Ventielüberschneidung ca so grad KW

    Leistung ca 6-8 PS (Horsepower 6-8HP)

    Kerze Viertakt Kerze von Graupner (glowplaqe 4 stroke GRAUPNER)

    Treibstoff Methanol, mit 5-10 % Nitromethan und mindestens 10% synthetischem Hochleistungsschmierstoff

    (fuel= Methanol,5-10 % Nitromethan and minimum 10% syntetic hi-perfomance-lubrication)
    The estimated consumption is about 100 milliliter per 10 minits.

    Nockenwellen Schmieröl normales Motorenöl zum Beispiel 15 W 40 (camshaft lubrication use ordinary egine oil)
    Für höchste Laufsicherheit ist ein Glühautomat zu empfehlen.

    for hi perfomace use a glowautomat

    A Engine is like a …

    a piece of art,

    you Know what i mean.

  3. it’s a frenchmen that made a miniature,you guessed it , Ferrari BB512

    with a miniature V12, gearbox, pedals, gauges,
    all made, exactly like the big one, and all components work

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