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Maker Faire Austin: Call For Flyover

We would love someone to take to the sky for a nice aerial photo of the make-tastic-ness that is Maker Faire Austin 2008 next weekend. Can anyone help us out??

6 thoughts on “Maker Faire Austin: Call For Flyover

  1. Patti Schiendelman says:

    Oh, that would be so cool! Personally, I’ll be trying to not throw up on the flight into Austin, but I’d love to see someone’s pictures!

  2. Timothy D. Swieter says:

    Maybe someone who has an RC plane/helicopter can fly it and take pictures. Or maybe even a camera on a kite if the wind is right. You can can get some great overhead shots of those that are closer than a plane can go, but high enough to get a feel for the crowds.

  3. Michael Fusion says:

    wasn’t there instructions on how to make an aerial camera attached to a kite using silly putty as a trigger in the first issue of make magazine?


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