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Dark-detecting pumpkin light circuit

Sayeth the animated, wraithian lab coats at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories (think: Santa’s worshop, only for Halloween, and evil!):

Here’s an inexpensive electronic circuit that you can build to put in your Jack-o’lantern. It provides power to drive a few LEDs at night, and automatically turns them off during the daytime. It’s a simple and automatic dark-detecting circuit that you can use to for your very own photosensitive pumpkin.

A dark detecting circuit for your jack-o’-lantern

4 thoughts on “Dark-detecting pumpkin light circuit

  1. I made this circuit, this circuit works properly. It also doesn’t require more batteries as it have LEDs that glow when sunlight falls on it. You just have to make a proper circuit as per circuit diagram.

  2. light in a pumpkin… easy to use it… you don’t have to turn it off and on. and its safe to use. how big is it? is it water proof ?

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