DIY Halloween : All Hail Carpet Latex

No Halloween party or Haunted House can be complete without at least one great looking CSI inspired corpse lying around. Check out what this MAKER did with some free time, a skeleton and carpet latex. Make sure you scroll all the way down as it looks a lot better in the 2.0 version. Here’s what he used the carpet latex for:

Well, first you cover a section of the skeleton with some carpet latex. Stretch some cotton across the section you want to bulk up, and then cover it with more carpet latex. The cotton will naturally tend to stretch out in strings, which just adds to the decaying effect. The cotton I’m actually using is “Sterile Absorbent Cotton” … a continuous roll of cotton about 6 inches wide. This stuff is GREAT for corpsing!

And while you are corpsing make sure you enter our MAKE Halloween Contest 2008!

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