Homebrew parametric speaker

Diy Parametric2

If you’re familiar with the audio spotlight, then you now how very awesome narrow beam ultrasonic speaker devices can be. They can project a sound efficiently over long distances without spreading like common speakers. One can essentially walk into the ultrasonic line-of-fire and begin to hear sound abruptly – certainly an interesting effect.

Though not much for documentation & details – this instructable shows off a transducer packed parametric speaker design. Hrmm, it seems the author is selling kits and sharing a good deal of info here. Apparently this setup will introduce a substantial amount of distortion to your signal – ultrasonic audiophiles be warned. – How to make parametric speaker

4 thoughts on “Homebrew parametric speaker

  1. I’m interested in the kit, but I have some questions and can’t seem to ferret out an email address for the person/company/whatever that sells the kit. Anyone have better luck?

    That being said I’m wondering how much volume I can get out of this rig over longer distances, say 50 meters.

  2. I have too have similar questions.

    also thinking, the kit would be pretty easy to source parts for – keep an eye out for good deals on appropriate transducers

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  4. What if i make the modulation in dsb without carrier? should i use one transducer with the dbs without carrier and another with the carry?

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