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Malmö street tiles get an upgrade


In Malmö, Sweden, artists have been replacing the boring street tiles with tiled images. Does anybody know how you’d get a photographic image glazed into a tile like that? The site may say, but I don’t speak Swedish. Via Wooster Collective.


Light-up sidewalk brick

16 thoughts on “Malmö street tiles get an upgrade

  1. Hmm, the site doesn’t say. I live in Malmö and haven’t seen them (I’m not out and about in town that much though). Considering the snow on one picture it’s nothing thats done recently. So my guess is (and looking from the picture) that it’s simply paper glued on to the bricks and covered with some kind of Varnish (some kind of floor covering perhaps). Or some angry boring type that didn’t like them have turned them upside down. :)

  2. Dye Sublimation is how you can put images on things like that. Its just some special inkjet ink and a transfer sheet thats then pressed onto an absorbant ceramic.

    usually used on coffee mugs and plates and similar novelty items. Being a dye I dont think it would last too well in the street like that.

  3. I worked with someone in Boulder who did this on ceramic tiles and sold them through various outlets. His process was to print the images on heavy bond paper and then he glued the image to the tile. After that he coated the entire tile with clear polyurathane.

    Should work with those pavers too.

  4. Hey Becky. Maybe it’s a photographic emulsion painted on to the tile and then developed like a photographic print? There’s a product called ‘Liquid Light’ that allows for this and it works on ceramics.


  5. Another emulsion that might have been used in the process is called pyrophoto and is designed to be used with ceramics and is kiln fired to set.

  6. There’s a lot of fancy ways to do it – but if you wanted, cheap, easy and durable, you could do worse than getting a hunk of tempered glass, put a picture on top and pour cement on top with a little overlap on the glass.

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