HOW TO – The living severed hand


A classic halloween prop/gag – the Living Severed Hand creates its simple yet freaky illusion using – an actual living human hand (non-severed)

Of course, it isn’t really severed, it’s just an illusion! What you are going to make is a special glove that will make it look like you are holding a living, moving, human arm. In actuality, what people are seeing is your hand, passing straight through a “dummy” glove with an attached fake stump of an arm.

While the project takes a few hours to make (or more, depending on your attention to detail), it is silly-cheap and has a great effect!

The old retail version I had didn’t even have seperate fingers on the glove – pssssh, DIY FTW! – The Living Severed Hand!

Severed hand pincushion