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Florin made a giant TV-B-Gone… 48 IR LEDs and an ATmega8 that sends the signals to the LEDs. Source code and schematics included. He writes –

I arranged the LED’s in 4 rows of 12 pieces and the resistors fit quite nicely between the LED’s. I used four BD139 NPN transistors to drive the rows. It took me hours to drill and then solder this board(48 LED’s and 48 resistors mean 192 holes plus the other parts). The controller board contains an ATmega8 chosen because of it’s 8k memory needed to store all the codes, an 8 MHz crystal, an LED, a tact switch and some resistors and capacitors. I designed the board so that it can also be used for other projects.

TV-B-Gone Kit (unassembled).
New 3rd Gen TV-B-Gone!
TV-B-Gone Pro.