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ric rac selvedge dress
Jodie from Ric Rac can’t stop coming up with incredible projects using left over selvedge from sewing projects. She made this entire dress out of selvedge. It took her about 5 months and she needed selvedge donations to have enough.

10 thoughts on “Selvedge Dress

  1. Main Entry:
    sel·vage Listen to the pronunciation of selvage
    or sel·vedge Listen to the pronunciation of selvedge ˈsel-vij
    Middle English selfegge, selvage, from self self + egge edge (after Middle Dutch selfegghe)
    15th century
    1 a: the edge on either side of a woven or flat-knitted fabric so finished as to prevent raveling ; specifically : a narrow border often of different or heavier threads than the fabric and sometimes in a different weave b: an edge (as of fabric or paper) meant to be cut off and discarded2: an outer or peripheral part : border , edge
    Totally is a word. Sorry. :D

  2. Just wanted to let you know that I think this is totally amazing. Would never have thought those little “scraps” could be turned into something so lovely.

  3. I am clapping wildly at these ideas. And oh yeah, no shame in my game, I’m gonna duplicate and make one of my own . . . er ah someday!

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