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Inmates like to homebrew, too


Apparently even inmates are makers, using whatever means available. There has been a problem with prisoners brewing their own alcohol with fresh fruit and sugar, increasing violence and perpetuating alcoholism in the system. I found a recipe for this so called “pruno,” and as gross and unsafe as the process is (do not try this at home), I thought I’d share. As the site says, “Even people who have never had any trouble with the law can learn to make this horrible, putrid beverage!”

8 thoughts on “Inmates like to homebrew, too

  1. I always thought Make was about, uh, making things. Not about cutting edge technology. I found the article to be pretty interesting. Seems everyone’s a bit pissy lately on techblogs, lighten up.

  2. seriously, whats with the attitude lately on all of these blogs. People just find things to bitch and moan about without contributing or constructively criticizing the topic at hand.

  3. Inmates are among some of the most clever makers, since their supplies of materials are restricted. This has been well documented for many years in everything from cigarette lighters to drug making. Scarcity = Cleverness.

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