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Electric motorcycle will get you there to build another one

Here’s yet another cool electric motorcycle mod. This time it is based around a recycled 1986 Kawasaki Ninja ZX 900 where the only working components of the original bike were the tires, frame, and suspension. The bike was retrofitted with a 72 volt drive train powered by 6 batteries and a photovoltaic array. Check out the link below for all the details on this impressive build.

Electric Motorcycle Conversion via InHabitat

4 thoughts on “Electric motorcycle will get you there to build another one

  1. That motors plenty big enough to be honest, however I’d have got rid of the pillion footpegs, and mounted the motor on the mid point of the swinging arm.

    Motors mounted in the frame suffer from two problems.
    1) Lack of suffcient air flow
    2) Take up valuable battery space.

    Also a lot of perm motors run the opposite way round to the bike wheels rotation, and do not like being run in reverse, so a lot of people mount them like this, or on a jack shaft. Or take the hit, run them in reverse but at a reduced voltage. (Or buy a specially reversed motor)

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