Brian writes in about the Blender Defender. He writes –

Hi MAKE! I just finished the web page for my latest project: the Blender Defender. I have a problem with my cat jumping up on the counter and eating my plant up there, so I pointed a network camera at it and ran some motion detection software. As soon as my computer detects motion on the counter, it sends a signal to turn on an extremely loud blender and a strobe light, scaring the cat off the counter.

16 thoughts on “Blender Defender – Keeping cats off kitchen counters

  1. I wonder how many times he’ll repeat that before he’s too scared to even set foot in the kitchen!

    My money’s on one more time – he jumped so much in this video clip that it’ll not take much to push him into psychosis!


  2. We did something similar with our dog, who (being big enough) was eating any food left on the counters. Bread, full sticks of butter, anything, he got it. So we rigged up a switch to a plate, which when the plate was pulled down, turned on a 12-volt power supply hooked up to a car horn. Second time we caught him running from the kitchen so fast he never put his nose up on the counter again.

    He’s not psychotic though. He learned later that it’s easier to just get underfoot and trip those with food in hand, just and be quick to the drop. Beware what your cat might learn… hehe!

  3. So let’s see…you’ve made a good kitty scarer that chases the kitty straight into your camera, bashing it to bits and probably taking the laptop with it. How much did you say that plant cost? Does it do the same things with midnight kitchen raids on the fridge by humans?

    Okay, it’s a great project — I’m just jealous.

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