The folks behind Boxee, the open source social media center software (based on XMBC), recently announced support for Hulu, CBS and Comedy Central. If you’re the owner of an Apple TV, you’re now just a 1GB memory stick away from watching a lot of free high-def streaming content on your little video appliance. Boxee developer Dave Matthews takes you step by step through the install in the above video.

You’ll need a Boxee account first, and you’ll want to make sure you format the flash drive as a bootable Mac OS X Standard partition (not FAT). After that it’s about as simple as running the ATV USB Creator application to put the appropriate files on the Flash drive. Then just boot the AppleTV with the drive inserted, wait for the install to complete and, finally, remove the drive and reboot. There’s some mention on the ATV USB Creator page about needing to do a factory restore if the patchstick is used more than once, so be careful to run it only once.
ATV USB Creator
Boxee on Apple TV forum discussion (read this)

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