Titanium goggles

Here’s a gorgeous pair of steampunk goggles (just in time for Halloween), done in titanium, brass, and leather. Their makjer, Anticz, writes:

The main housing and attach points for the nose and temple pieces are milled from a solid billet of Titanium alloy. I chose Titanium for several reasons. First, it’s much lighter in weight than brass. This was important to me because, I wanted them to be comfortable to wear. With the leather and optical components in these, I thought they would feel like boat anchors on my face if I constructed them from brass. The surface of the Titanium is coated with a high tech super ceramic material known as Titanium Nitride. This is what gives them the gold color similar to brass. TiN (Titanium Nitride) is extremely hard, highly wear resistant and very stable so these goggles should last for several hundred years.

Titanium Goggles

2 thoughts on “Titanium goggles

  1. Anticz
    Outstanding craftsmanship.
    Do I detect a 1/4 turn capability of one polarized sheet in there for darkening purposes??

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